Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Facing the swim again…

We did a 1000 yd TT today in the pool. Both Justin and I have been feeling like our swims have slipped. They’ve not felt good, and my performance at Nationals was not at all confidence-inspiring. I’ve been probably overly-analytical with my stroke and have been tweaking little things to see how things feel different. But…we decided to face our fear of the clock showing a much slower time than what we had been doing the TT’s during the spring, and we swam 1000 yards straight through in the indoor pool…the temperature must have been mid-80’s (essentially bathwater). Justin set a PR, and I was only about 10 seconds off of my best time…averaging approximately 1:24’s per 100. I’m feeling better about things…I still want to get my swim times down quite a bit further (who wouldn’t?), but I’m not too far off of where I was!


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