Monday, June 12, 2006

Race Report: Tulsa Oly Triathlon

In a nutshell...things were going well until I flatted on the bike. I changed the tube, but both CO2 cannisters blew up in my face when I put the adapters on because they were not the correct size.

Lesson learned...get a threaded CO2 cannister that is the correct size.

I did enjoy getting to be a mile-15 cheerleader for the bike course. And, when the sag wagon picked me up, I thanked each and every volunteer that I saw profusely for all the help they had given (I try and thank people during a race, too, but it's a bit more difficult). People were unbelievably nice with their offers to help, but I firmly think that I needed to be able to handle my own problems, so I waved everyone on. Justin had a decent race, though, so we were both pleased with that. It was hot, hot, hot out, and we're getting better in the heat the more we deal with it! When we got home after the race at ~3pm, I went ahead and "finished" by running 6 miles (in 105 degrees). Not a wasted day, but it would have been fun to finish...oh well!


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