Monday, May 15, 2006

Race Report: Lazy E Duathlon

The triathlon club that we belong to here in the Oklahoma City area, Tri-OKC, does a fantastic job of putting on duathlons and triathlons. This race is a formula 1 duathlon, meaning that you end up doing: 2 mile run-10 mile bike-2 mile run-10 mile bike-2 mile run. Lots of transitions! Justin and I like transitions...we're not too bad at them. The race went just fine for me. It was pretty fun, though, because the really nice guy who I bought my new tri-bike (a Cervelo dual) from, Steve S., is an amazing cyclist and has just become a bit more interested in he's started running. Well, I completely expected to have him go blowing by me on the first bike leg, and he did...he's so fast! However, I caught him on the second run, setting him up perfectly to come screaming by me again on the second bike. However, I caught him again on the last run. He's such a nice guy, though...each time we passed, we said "hey" or "good job." I started looking forward to seeing him each leg!

The race went fine for me. I wanted to just have a decent showing, and I ended up winning the overall for females. I may actually get a decent ranking in the region for duathlon (not my cup of tea, generally), as this was a Grand Prix event and was worth 105 points (instead of just 100). Justin had a pretty good race...he looked like he was about to barf a lung when I saw him on the last loop of the last run. He's such a good competitor and pushes himself really hard.

Lazy E Duathlon 2006 Results


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