Saturday, April 29, 2006

Race Report: OKC-Velo TT Series #1

I showed up to do a quick 8 mile time trial with the cyclists, expecting that these types of races will help me ride better and also to learn what pushing on the bike really feels like! Justin, Norman, and I showed up to one of the Wednesday night OKC-Velo time trials earlier in the month, and we did well - 1-Justin, 2-Norman, and 3-me, although they did not have the results correct at first (and I never noticed that they fixed them on the website, but they did give us the I assume that reflects the correct placing?!). It was pretty cool, for Oklahoma, and a bit wet on the roadways. There was a bit of a crosswind, but generally, I've learned to deal with the wind pretty well after riding in it so much down in the Arbuckles this winter. The race went fine for me - 20:31 for the 8.4 miles (out and back). I don't think time-trialing is a priority for the women who cycle in this area, as my time was the fastest overall woman's time. However, I'm absolutely confident that they will kick my ass in the road races that I'll eventually show up for!


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