Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 1 of the rest of my life...

Thought I would start a blog today - so I did. I've never been great at writing in a journal, but have heard that it's a useful exercise for getting to know yourself. I think I know myself fairly well, but maybe there's still lots to be learned.

Who am I?
  • An age-group triathlete
  • A museum professional who works in herpetology (I suppose I could call myself a herpetologist, but people associate the word too much with Steve Irwin, and that makes me cringe)
  • An environmentalist who is getting more and more pessimistic about the state of the world
There are a number of important people in my life who will likely make appearances in my blogs, if I can manage to remember keep these exercises up.
Who are they?
  • Justin - the simply brilliant (he just about aced the damn GRE's), sometimes illogical ("I don't like the word 'asparagus'), and generally amazing guy who's been on lots of life's adventures with me in the last 10 years
  • Jordan - the hound dog who followed Justin back to our campground in Tennessee and showed us that without her, our lives would be empty
  • Haley - the red heeler dog who we adopted when we thought Jordan needed a friend (in hindsight, Jordan probably didn't 'need' a friend, but she's got one now); she has also demonstrated how she fills life's holes
Those are the main players, but there are many others who I might formally introduce, or maybe not. It's my call.


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