Sunday, June 11, 2006

Race Report: OKC-Velo TT Series #2

This time trial was the third in series that OKC-Velo put on (I did the first race in April, missed the May race due to travelling, and then did this race...the results would be based on the best combined time for two of the three races). Again, this was the 8.4 mile out and back at Lake Overholser north and west of Oklahoma City. The weather was a big improvement from the misty mess that the April race had been. There was still a crosswind, but really, when is there ever not wind in Oklahoma? My race went just fine - I pushed hard and was trying to go under 20 minutes. I ended up with 19:58, good for the best overall female time (I also beat all of the cat 4/5 nice!). I ended up winning the series with a combined time of 40:29, and hopefully, I will be getting some moolah in the mail to help support this expensive racing habit.


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