Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cycling can blow you up...

We did our first real "circuit race" yesterday at the OKC Velo Wednesday Summer Series on our road bikes. We had ridden Tuesday night with the Norman group for 36 miles at a moderate pace, but I didn't think it had been too bad. Apparently, though, I had no idea what a 12-mile circuit would be like because the whole thing flew by in a painful sort of way and then the finish was all of the sudden there, and then it was done! I think the average speed was 22 mph...which, considering that a lot of the ride was done at a fairly "normal" pace, meant that those mean accelerations must have been pretty impressive. I need to work on being a stronger climber - I am amazed at how quick the roadies are to leapfrog the hills like they didn't exist! I rode in the "B" group - I wonder how crazy those "A" riders rode that course!

I'm still not sure about doing any crits any time soon, but we'll be back for more circuit races and time of these days, maybe I can call myself a cyclist!


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