Monday, July 31, 2006

112 miles of agony

A day of superlatives: it was too hot (>100 degrees) and too windy (20-30 mph) to ride 112 miles on the bike, but we did it anyway because we apparently love to be miserable. We did not expect to need three bottles of fluid for a 23-mile stretch (the longest stretch between refueling stops), but towards the end of the ride, we were going through liquid like no tomorrow, and we all (Justin, Kris, and I) finished up our fluids (or “effectively” finished up our fluids by refusing to drink 98 degree Infinit). I almost pulled out of the ride after the first loop because I felt like crap – stomach issues mostly and general blechness, but Justin insisted that he was not going to ride without me (sucker), so I went on. It’s a tough line to figure – do you “listen to your body” and take it easy when you feel yucky, or “tough it out” and train through the “yuckiness” so that you can race through the same kind of “yuckiness”. I made a good call by continuing, though, because I felt a lot better (relatively speaking – still generally miserable) towards the end of the ride. And…I logged 112 in the worst conditions ever – because I finished that ride (actually not too terrible – 18.5 mph average, but we were riding really conservatively to not die…), I can do anything! My own little psychological warfare arsenal!


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