Friday, June 30, 2006

Squirrel terrorists

There is a war on squirrel terrorism going on in our backyard.
I got home this afternoon and was out watering my poor drought-stricken plants when I heard an awful dog scream, and then turned around to see Jordan flying through the doggie door to one of the trees in the back yard - she'd seen a squirrel, apparently. Justin came running through the door (not the doggie door) because he thought she had been hurt (it was an awful noise). She sat at that tree for a good twenty minutes. Impressive for her (she prefers to be indoors).

Haley, on the other hand, treed a squirrel a couple of weeks ago in a crepe myrtle that is MAYBE 14 feet tall. I had to drag her inside, and it took an hour for that squirrel to feel comfortable enough to take off for safer ground. After the squirrel was gone, I let Haley back out, and she guarded that tree for hours. Dogs 0, squirrels 47. I'm not looking forward to when the dogs score.


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