Friday, June 23, 2006

Being smarter to go faster?

So, we've been trying to be pretty analytical about our training, asking ourselves what we can do to go faster with the time and resources we have. Justin was telling me about one of the books he's reading (Lore of Running) - how there are three kinds of people: 1) very talented people with low motivation, 2) average people with high motivation, and 3) very talented people with high motivation. I interjected that there were also people that were not very talented at all and who had no motivation (insightful on my part, eh?), to which he responded that those people are pretty much still sitting on their couches watching television and not out racing us on the weekends. Fair enough. So, his point eventually was that the champions are made out of people in category 3, but my take home message is that I am probably in category 2 and could simply be the most motivated person ever...and maybe I might still accomplish a lot! There's a lot to be said for putting in the hours...

So anyway, we've been a bit more proactive about soliciting ideas and suggestions from people that are far smarter than we are in each of the disciplines: swimming, biking, and running...we've been talking to the local swim coach at the pool, and he's been pretty helpful looking at our swim form and suggesting some workouts. It turns out the kids we see every day are putting in between 10-12,000 yards a day, 5 days a week. Yow. And, we're meeting with a friend tonight who knows a LOT about running...our achilles tendon right now for triathlon, so hopefully that's where lots of our improvement will come from!


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