Friday, August 04, 2006

Buffalo belly!

One of J's co-workers is heading to Australia to open an office for the company in Sydney (lucky guy!), so they had a going away party for him last night at Buffalo Wild Wings (, so we were there to send him off. I ordered a chicken salad (I didn't look carefully at the menu), and I should have known when they asked what kind of sauce I wanted on the chicken to be suspicious of what I was about to was a "salad" with iceberg lettuce topped with boneless buffalo wings, served right up with ranch dressing. It tasted alright - a bit heavy. Our friends, Lance and Tanya, arrived a little later, and Tanya also ordered a chicken salad, although she was asked if she wanted dressing on hers (they had just brought me ranch)...she asked for honey mustard...and they actually brought her two containers of MUSTARD! Anyhow, it was quite the odd place - bar food, really, so now we know what the restaurant is like. My point to all of this is that eventually we got home and went for a run...which started out as a tempo run...but 2.5 miles into it, I had to hurl on the side of the road. Spicy buffalo chicken stuff in my mouth and in my nose. I finished the run well behind J, who was just dancing on ahead (he was having a great run despite stopping out of courtesy for my puking). He ended up under 7-minute pace for the 6 miles, despite the stop, and although the run was agonizing for me, my time was respectable given the conditions (I'm calling it "buffalo belly") - 43 minutes and change. After finishing, I hurled some more and felt much, much, much better. I need to stop eating crap (even though it tastes good) because I always feel awful after I do.

I am boycotting buffalo chicken anything and defintely Buffalo Wild Wings...


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