Sunday, November 05, 2006

Temporary change of plans....

So, Justin and I have both been slightly sidelined with various issues for the run. I have some stiff hamstrings, and J's dealing with a tender ITB (illiotibial band). So, we're not quite set on our quest to tackle the run...yet! Instead, we've refocused on the bike so that we don't go insane. Neither one of our issues seems to be too affected by riding, so we're spending a bit of time on both of our bikes (road and TT). I'm pretty energized right now anyway, since the OKC-Velo women's race team that I am on just enlisted the help of a coach (Aaron of our local pro's). He'll be a tremendous resource, I'm sure. I went on a ride with the roadies here in Norman yesterday, and right away, I have a few things to work on, since Aaron was on the ride and was happy to give feedback...lots of good stuff to think about!


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