Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ugly Running Clothes

I've been on a running focus - I never ran in high school or college, I don't look like a runner, but damn it, I'm going to try and be a faster runner. So, I've been putting in the miles and suffering through the intervals. Hopefully, my plan will work out, and my run will significantly improve...time will tell.

Yesterday, I got off of work and took off on an hour run from the museum in town. Justin and I carpooled, so I thought I'd get in a run in town before picking him up. I usually run around campus and towards Justin's weather building, where there is a lot of construction going on because the roads are so nice and quiet...and I can just focus on my workout without distractions. Yesterday I really wanted quiet roads because I had managed to grab the UGLIEST combination of running clothes ever - I have these brown (seriously) tights with red and black (how classy, eh?), and in my rush out the door in the morning, I grabbed a black long-sleeved shirt with big circles all over it. My bright orange Adidas Supernovas and a green hat capped off the look - it was beautiful in the sense that when my dogs take a crap, if you look hard, you might be able to imagine shapes in the crap, like people imagine the clouds making pictures in the sky. Or not. You get the picture. I was a running freakazoid with no sense of style (my least I was running!).

I hustled over to the quiet roads and was doing my run, happy in my general solitude, but my enjoyment was cut short by a red SUV that appeared to be stalking me. I was pissed and freaked, so I ran to the OU police department (conveniently located near where I was running), placed a report, and then headed back to the museum (luckily I had been able to get my full hour in). After picking up Justin, I drove back to the station to see if they'd checked out the SUV, but they hadn't. Why do there have to be people out there like that? I'm not going to be intimidated, but I will be very good about carrying a cell phone...and maybe a crowbar. Wouldn't that be funny? Maybe people would call the cops on me...


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